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QuantumZERO QZ-WC04 Desktop Charging Station 6 Socket Surge Protector(Black)

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The QuantumZERO Desktop Charging Station provides easy and simultaneous access to USB and AC power. Forget your individual devices specific chargers. Simply rely on this desktop charging station.Product Features:Wall power, right on your desktopAC (100-240V) or DC (5V, USB) power now you dont have to access from wall. The wall power is extended right on to your desktop or possibly at your arms length. QuantumZERO QZ-WC04 Desktop Charging Station offers you such great convenience. It is the ultimate desktop charging station, which is always within your reach.The common chargerConsolidate all your wall charging needs. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, camera, MP3 players or any AC (100-240V) or DC (5V) USB input device, leave your device specific chargers; rely only on QZ-WC04. Perhaps this is a common charger for your entire family. SmartQ technology - smart Amphere selection for fast chargingQuantumZERO QZ-WC04 Desktop Charging Station DC power USB ports - are built with advanced SmartQ technology. You do not need to worry about which port (which Ampere A) to chose from. Indifferently chose any port. Each charging port can smartly identify the device connected and its input Amphere requirement. Discharges the optimum Amphere A as needed by the device and choses the best charging mechanism to charge the device at maximum speed possible.A reliable surge-protectorQZ-WC04 offers over-current surge protection on AC power strip. It shuts off if attached AC devices pull too much power, thereby protecting the devices.Easy charging accessibility for all at once, at one place.We know you got multiple mobile devices, need easy charging accessibility for all at once, at one place. QZ-WC04 is designed to do the exact same job. Henceforth no short of outlets, no device in waiting for charge or no vigil-keeping on charging at various places. Massive power charge 2 AC and 4 USB devices simultaneouslyQZ-WC04 USB outlets are packed with massive 34W power, 6.8A to share, enough to fill-in charge to 4 mobile devices simultaneously. What more, you can also access both AC and DC (USB) power simultaneously.Greater care at every detailUniversal AC power outlets: Enjoy the great flexibility to suit variety of AC adapter pin standards - types A through L (UK, EU, DE, FR, ES, IT). Adequately spaced AC power outlets: The AC power outlets have enough space to accommodate larger wall wart style power adapter bricks. Soft cool blue LED to indicates power.Super compact, conveniently portableMeasuring 197 x 117 x 52 mm; built in tough and light ABS plastic, it weighs only 340g. Easily move from desktop to desktop. Home, office or travel, just grab and go.Product Specifications:Product Name: QuantumZERO Desktop Charging Station.Product Model: QZWC04.Power Outlets: 2 universal AC - type A through L (UK, EU, DE, FR, ES, IT); 4 SmartQ USB.Charger IC: UC2635.Input: AC 100-240V.Output USB: 34W, 5V, 6.8A (total).Maximum Current per USB Port: 2.4A.Output AC: 100-240V at 50/60Hz.Dimensions: 197 x 117 x 52 mm.Weight: 340 g.Material: High Grade ABS Plastic.Color: Black, Matte.Package Contents:QuantumZERO Desktop Charging Station,AC Power Cable, 4 ft,Welcome Guide.
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